Welcome to Endoscopic Services, P.A.

Endoscopic Services, P.A. was designed and developed to perform diagnostic/therapeutic procedures and gastrointestinal treatments with focus on high quality patient care. Medical staff must meet credentialing standards in order to have privileges to perform procedures.

Endoscopic Services, P.A. is owned and operated by Jace W. Hyder, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.S.C.R.S. We are accredited by The Joint Commission.

We Proudly Offer:
Endoscopic Services, P.A. is equipped with two procedure rooms and a 4-bed recovery area. As needed, a private education room provides the physician, patient, and family members a place to discuss the diagnosis and appropriate plan of treatment in a confidential manner. We proudly offer state of the art sedation administered by registered nurses, with supplemental training, providing painless exams with total amnesia.

Personal, Individualized Care:
Our staff takes great pride in our training, knowledge, and capabilities to provide you with quality health care in a professional, yet personal manner. Our nursing staff is dedicated to providing you with individualized care.
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